Pioneer Rayz Rally, white

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Pioneer Rayz Rally smart conference speaker is the first to be powered by Lightning. And though it's small enough to fit in your pocket, Rally delivers the loudness and quality of a large conference speaker. So you can now turn your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac into a conferencing system that fills any meeting room.

Lightning powered

Rayz Rally gets its power from your iOS device's Lightning port, so you don't need batteries. For maximum efficiency it incorporates advanced Avnera LightX technology, which helps ensure that Rally draws the least possible power from your iPhone. Rally's integrated charging port also supports talk and charge to keep your iPhone fully charged whilst using the speaker.

Truly convenient

The Smart Button gives you one-button access to mute/unmute and music play/pause functions even if your iPhone screen is locked. In addition, the easy yet powerful companion app can deliver new features through quick software upgrades.

Ďalšie informácie / Pioneer Rayz Rally, white

Značka Pioneer
Typ prenosného zariadenia na von
Farba biela
Pokročilé funkcie smartphone/tablet
Dodáv. príslušenstvo obal


  • Lightning powered, so no batteries or charging required
  • Integrated charging port lets you talk as you charge
  • Highly portable pocket-sized speaker with the clarity of a conference system
  • Plug and play simplicity - one smart button handles everything
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC for instantly creating a high-quality conference anywhere
  • Smart Button gives you one-button access to important functions such as mute/unmute and play/pause - even when your iPhone screen is locked
  • Software updates via the app automatically deliver new features and capabilities
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