Pioneer Rayz Plus, bronze

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Pioneer Rayz Plus Lightning-Powered noise cancelling earphones are the first to let you listen or talk on your iPhone at the same time you're charging it. What's more they give you the power to personalize your listening experience. Smart Noise Cancelling technology adapts to your ear and the sounds around you. There's also a Smart Button you can customize to bring up your favorite app, mute or unmute a call, or launch the Rayz app at a single touch.

The free Rayz app itself lets you personalize your earphone and Smart Button settings. For instance, you can create and save custom equalization profiles, enable HearThru mode to allow ambient sound, or activate AutoPause to pause music play when you remove your Rayz earphones.

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Značka Pioneer
Typ slúchadiel slúchadlá k mobilnej tech., špuntová , osobné slúchadlá do uší, headset, sl. s potlačením hluku
Farba čierna, hnedá, medený
Pokročilé funkcie 24-bit/48kHz, smartphone/tablet, stereo, vstavaný mikrofón
Dodáv. príslušenstvo cord clip , tips


  • The first earphones with Lightning connector that let you listen or talk and charge simultaneously
  • Rayz Smart Noise Cancelling technology adapts to your ear and the world around you
  • Avnera LightX technology significantly reduces power consumption, so the earphones don’t need a battery as they draw power from your iPhone Lightning port
  • Integrates second-generation Lightning Audio Technology
  • AutoPause technology automatically pauses your music or movie when you take out your Rayz earphones, then resumes play when you put them back in
  • HearThru mode passes ambient sounds through your noise cancelling for greater awareness of your surroundings
  • Customizable Smart Button brings up your favorite app, mutes/unmutes calls, or launches the Rayz app with a single press
  • Rayz app allows you to customize your earphone and Smart Button settings and much more
  • Periodic software updates automatically deliver new features and capabilities
  • Eco Mode activates a low power setting, reducing the earphone's power to the minimum required for basic functions
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